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Onwork: About us

About us

We think that in an era of digitalization, rapid business transformation and global talent markets people and organizations make a difference. We also strive to make a difference. Empowering clients through close collaboration is in our DNA. We work with integrity and clear ethical standards.

People. Organization. Advisory. Analytics. Four words that capture what we do. We are deeply experienced with a proven track record from leading Nordic and U.S. companies. Our work spans organizations in different stages of life cycle. We mix our Finnish roots with substantial international experience.

We are nimble. We are pragmatic. We are biased to actionable solutions. And we are data-driven. We founded OnWork in 2014, and are based in the Helsinki metro area.


We partner with organizations to help turn their people into a competitive advantage. To that end we leverage deep experience, system thinking and solid frameworks. When needed, we don’t hesitate to reach out to novel solutions. Our intent is always to drive a lasting business impact.

We have worked closely with leading Nordic organizations for decades. Through our experience we understand which sets industries apart and the unique contexts firms face. Whether driving a new culture, re-thinking future capabilities, building core people frameworks, incentivizing the right behaviors or devising a people strategy roadmap, we have a proven track record to deliver. We mesh these capabilities with a strong functional expertise.

We are nimble and pragmatic, and biased to actionable solutions. Our experienced team works closely with senior leadership. We have engagement models that stretch from one-off projects to partnership to co-sourcing. We operate as one team: as data get overwhelming, our Analytics services blend in seamlessly.

Onwork: Advisory
Onwork: Analytics


We improve organization performance through people. By leveraging analytics and research, we turn data into actionable insights. Yet for us analytic insights are just the beginning rather than the end: success is measured by actions and lasting results.

We have a proven track-record of cutting-edge analytical work with leading Nordic and Fortune 500 firms, and the capability to tackle even the most challenging people issues facing organizations today. Whether about retention, leadership dynamics, decision and communication flows, team performance, improving systemic understanding of people strategy or something more exotic altogether, chances are we have experience to bring into play. We blend world-class analytic capabilities with a strong grasp of Nordic organizations’ DNA.

We get our hands dirty with data – big, small or messy. People, finance, sales or operations data; almost anything goes. We work with clients taking the first steps, and the ones going for the cutting-edge: in the end the right mindset is what counts. From one-off projects to partnerships to co-sourcing, our engagement models are crafted around client needs. And if resources are needed to drive actions, our Advisory services can help get things done.

Client Impact

Case studies

Case Stockmann: Driving organization performance through analytics and incentive experimentation. OnWork collaborated with Stockmann to reinforce business turnaround and support new strategy through people. Using analytics and experimentation we developed a radical, new sales incentive design. Sales performance shot up double-digits with the new approach. Download Case Stockmann here.

Case Suominen: Driving strategy execution through networks. OnWork collaborated with Suominen to understand how the organization operates “beneath the surface”. Using social network analysis we were able to quantify, measure, and visualize complex social structures and informal dynamics in the organization. We identified practical actions to drive strategy execution through people. Download Case Suominen here.

Case Studies
Onwork: client case

White papers

Soft Skills: Evidence from 50,000+ job ads. We crunched job advertisements from 79 large European firms to better understand the talent landscape. Learn how high-precision talent intelligence can help organizations. Download the report here.


Jari Laitinen

Senior Partner

Over 20 years’ international experience in people and organizational areas both from consulting and corporate life. M.Sc. (Econ) from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. Active year-around runner.

Kimmo Sollo

Senior Partner

Close to 20 years’ diverse experience in the international people and organizational consulting arena. M.Sc. (Econ) from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. Passionate year-around fisherman.

Paula Hyssy


Started in consulting in 2017 after a few years in customer research. M.Soc.Sc. (Communication) from University of Helsinki. Specific focus is to understand informal organizations, particularly how people communicate and collaborate together.

Jordan Rosenblum

Consulting Analyst

Began consulting career applying his enthusiasm for analytics for Mercer Strategy & Analytics from 2015-2017 based in Washington, D.C. B.Sc. (Management & Marketing) from University of Maryland College Park, and M.Sc. (Comparative Public Policy) from University of Southern Denmark. Actively learning Finnish. Passionate moviegoer.

Aki Suikkanen

Research Assistant

First touch with consulting was summer 2020 internship. B.Soc.Sc. (Social psychology) from University of Helsinki. Now pursuing master’s degrees in social psychology and economics. Interested in systems perspective to organizational development, where human psychology and social phenomena are included in the analysis. Enthusiastic hiker.


Onwork Oy LTD.

Onwork Oy LTD.
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Jari Laitinen: +358 400 406 379
Kimmo Sollo: +358 40 7753 533
Paula Hyssy: +358 40 5266725
Jordan Rosenblum: +358 45 7875 6819