Client impact

Career and workforce leveling for growth business

Technology company builds foundation for talent and reward management


A quickly expanding technology organization needed to build its HR capabilities to support its growing workforce. Their new people strategy roadmap prioritized performance, leadership, and talent development. There was also a clear need for specialist career paths for their technology roles. OnWork partnered with the company to design a career and workforce leveling framework that would provide needed structure for a growing business which was simultaneously going through a reorganization. The framework had to be simple and dynamic and align with the company’s agile mindset.


The career and workforce leveling framework was built around business processes. Key activities and accountabilities were defined for each function and aligned across processes. Behaviors and capabilities were described for each level to emphasize development paths and requirements. Specialist career tracks were defined. Workshops with function heads ensured the framework fit company culture and was aligned with strategy.


The framework created a shared language for talent and reward programs. The organization is now able to more effectively communicate career paths, facilitate talent mobility, and deliver competitive rewards. In the CEO’s words, talent development was transformed to be markedly more behavior-oriented. The framework also provides a tool for management to identify resource and capability needs, and to approach resourcing more strategically. Amid the reorganization, the career and workforce leveling framework brought needed clarity to the operating model. It clearly helped coordinate, optimize, and streamline activities across processes.

Designing rewards to drive transformation